Secrets for Personal Success

07 Jul

One of the great things I have the privilege of doing as a Speaker and a Pastor, is to encourage people toward personal growth and development. But I realized that I can’t lead people where I am unwilling to go myself. So years ago, I took it upon myself to grow as a person and a leader. Thomas Edison once said, “The ability to apply my physical and mental energies to one problem incessantly without growing weary, is my secret to success.” I love the comment of Donald Trump who summed up the secret of success in one word: “FOCUS”. Remember, what you focus on is what you become. Take time today to do an internal audit of where you are, and where you want to be in the next five years. As you do, I believe you’ll find things in your heart that are waiting to be born. Oliver wendell Holmes said it best: “What lies before us, and what lies behind us, pales in comparison, to what lies within us.” Let me encourage you today, keep searching within for the strength to pursue God’s plans for your life, when others have quit. The Apostle Paul wrote, “My committed purpose is to know Christ.” Getting to know your heavenly Father is the real key to true life’s success. And when we become intimate with Him, I believe, we’ll be standing on the Rock!

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