“Live Life to the Fullest”

18 Sep

To many people fall far too short of their real potential (John Powell) author of the book: “The Secret to Staying in Love.” He estimates that the average person reaches only 10% of his potential, sees only 10% of the beauty that is all around him, hears only 10% of it’s music and poetry, smells only 10% of life’s fragrances, and tastes only 10% of the deliciousness of being alive.

Reaching your full poetntial and succeeding in life, requires that you and I focus. It was Sociologist Robert Lynd who said, “knowledge is power only if a man knows what facts are not to bother about.” There are manys things in life that should roll off us like water off a ducks back. One of my high school teachers use to say, “it’s not what happens to you, but what happens in you, that will make a diffence.” I have carried that with me all these years believing God to live to the fullest. A God centered life, is a centered life!

Joseph In Genesis, learned some valuable lessons about himself and while living to the fullest, ran into some circumstances that were anything but pleasant.  How would you like to be scorned by your brothers; thrown into a pit; sold into slavery; forgotten; lied on and disrespected by your bosses wife; thrown into prison and disrobed of your dignity, self-respect, character, and good testimony?  How did he keep living life to the fullest, when he could have been running on empty?  Here’s how:

1. Joseph learned to keep his mouth shut. He never spoke against God or complained.

2. Joseph learned not to trust in people, but to trust in God.  Remember, God has a plan for your life.

3. He learned to let go of the past. Bitterness didn’t get Joseph in prison, but it could have kept him there.

4. God’s faithfulness supercedes the injustices of life.  God’s will is going to come to pass.

5. Joseph learned that promotion comes from God.  God’s blessings will over take you soon.

My recent teaching in our men’s coaching class, centered around the relentless pursuit of a yes in your life. Meaning, people may tell you “No” six times before you finally hear a “Yes.” Just like Joseph, stand your ground and keep your focus.  You may be a prince in prophecy now, but the full manifestation of God’s plan will be clear to all.

And while the palace is preparing for your arrival, Keep standing on the Rock!!

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