Leadership Today

16 Jul

“As leaders we must take time within our day to step into the proactive mode. Within this mode creative ideas are birthed, our tomorrows are walked through within our dreams and new possibilities are considered.”You and I have the opportunity to affect the future in such a powerful way.”

Remember this, the proof of desire is pursuit. Being proactive and engaged will help your leadership optimize the opportunities you and I have to launch people forward.

Am I building people? Or, am I building my dream and using people to do it? Great question for the leader looking to be proactive in encouraging others. Lifting people, means lifting yourself and your organization.

The Apostle Paul from church history, had the ability to influence the known world with his sense of
Dependence, connection, and passionate affiliation with the one for
Whom he was apprehended. Leadership is the ability to influence others to follow through inspiration.

So remember, Lead from the heart, not from the head. When it comes to leading others, Keep standing, on the Rock!

Billy Joe Watts

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