In the End, we win

07 Feb

On a trip to New York City some time ago, a pastor friend reminded me, “Greatness starts somewhere, but it doesn’t start great.” I love that phrase and I’ve taken it to heart.

I have been an athlete my whole life, and winning and losing was something I had to adjust to very quickly. Each week we prepared for battle, as if we were going to war, and each encounter solicited our best effort.

King David, in 1 Samuel 30:8, in preparing for battle, after their families and possessions had been taken captive, he enquired at The Lord. David enquired at The Lord? Why? Because you can’t go to battle without hearing from God.

His flesh reaction to the situation could have been, let’s go at once and rescue them. Instead, he asked God, can we go? And God said, yes.

What’s your strategy for going into battle? Because your enemy has studied you, you’ll be defeated without a clear cut plan. Ask God about it, because in the end we win, if we’ll wait on God.

1. First, he encouraged himself.
2. Secondly, he enquired at The Lord.
3. Thirdly, he pursued and won.

Keep winning and keep standing on the Rock!

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