An Enemy Called Average

25 Jun

Author and writer, John Mason, wrote a book a number of years ago called, “An Enemy Called Average.” The proposition of the book is to encourage readers to strive to live and respond to life, above average. I was thinking about something I read in his book a few months ago. He encourages us to push through the roadblocks of fear and self-doubt and make our outer goals an inner commitment. Consider the man who said, “My overnight success was the longest night of my life.” Winners simply do what losers don’t want to do and their committed to it.

When I ran track in high school, the coach’s favorite phrase was “just one more quarter.” Hearing his favorite phrase has helped me to live above average and to win in life. There are times that I don’t feel like going the extra mile, but I can hear him saying, run another quarter. Life demands that you and I take an internal evaluation and rise up to the level of our own expectations, because only a mediocre person is at his best.

Arnold Bennett said it well: “The real tragedy is the tragedy of the man who never in his life braces himself for his one supreme effort, who never stretches to his full capacity, never stands up to His full stature. We must be aware of the gap that stands between us and our potential, and let the tension of that gap motivate us to keep striving to become better.”

I believe that in your most supreme moment, you will stand up and stand out, as you see the dreams of your heart come into reality and your critics will have to admit, you were not only capable of the task but you surpassed their self-imposed finish line.

The saddest epitaph is this: “here lies Mr. And Mrs. Average- here lies the remains of what might have been, except for their belief that they were only average.” I want to encourage you to keep living strong and what others call average, you place on the shelf called above average.

When the sun comes up in the morning, your going to have an above average day and remember this: “No problem can stand the assault of sustained prayer and right action. And, every problem has a soft spot.”

Keep standing on the Rock!

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