The 7 Secrets Every Leader Knows

17 Oct

I am working on a new book that will contain the “7 Secrets Every Leader Knows.” However, the secrets are not really secrets at all. Our creator’s plan was for you to discover and unveil his purpose for your life. You didn’t sneak into the world, you were born, and on purpose I might add. We are not trying to escape notice, you and I are endeavoring to make Him known throughtout all the earth.

Letting our light shine before men that they might see our good works and give God all the glory, is an admonishment that cannot be hid. In fact, it wasn’t meant to be hid. Nelson Mandela exclaimed, “You were born to make manifest the glory of God!” And that my friends, should be no secret.

The principles that we live by should not just help us, but they should lift men up and empower them to achieve beyond ordinary human understanding. One secret, which is not really a secret at all, is the reciprocating law of giving to others and good things will be given back to you. So, when I sow as a leader, there is an exceleration of what was intended by our creator, good measure, press down, shaken together, and running over to others! Be encouraged and keep standing on the Rock!

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