Kathryn Kuhlman, “The Radio Chapel Years”

01 Oct

Being the historical buff that I am, I enjoy drinking from great books that have a historical, biographical, and personal- inspirational narrative.  I recently purchased and finished reading Shane Philpott’s new book entitled: “Kathryn Kuhlman, The Radio Chapel Years.”

Mr. Philpott is a provocative and intoxicating writer.  His ability to tell a story reminds me of Edgar Allen Poe, Hawthorne, or perhaps Henry David Thoreau in their prime. The pages from this new epic piece kept me coming back for more.  I must admit, I sat down as a causal reader and quickly found myself in the middle the author’s well articulated recollections and research of the “Radio Chapel Years.” I finished the book in a day.

The collaboration between Shane Philpott and Keith and Mary Williams is masterful, as together they recall some of the most spiritually powerful and moving moments of Kathryn Kulhman’s life, marriage, and ministry.  From the triumphs, to the burgeoning crowds, and the toxic poison of indifference, the mediocre could not grasp the enormity of the vision nor its immensity. These pages capture it all.

This book reminds us all of our humanity and the need to persevere in the midst of extreme jealousy, resentment, and ministerial espionage among well meaning Christian Zealots who will spend their time tearing down the best of God’s plans.

A must read for all Pastors and Christian workers, The Radio Chapel Years reminds us that even though some of God’s Generals have passed away, the message never dies, if you and I will keep those words alive.  By embracing the memory of our mentors who taught us “Your light will never burn brighter by blowing out someone else’s candle,’ we preserve the Radio Chapel Years in the here and the now.

Let me finish by saying, Ms. Kuhlman moved on to do great things in her ministry. But I don’t see The Radio Chapel experience as a hiccup or a failure.  I see it as a courageous undertaking, a divinely appointed chapter in the life of a splendid woman of God who stayed true to the call; who persevered, who triumphed; who never let distractions defeat her; And, who finished her course with joy. These are the qualities that you and I must strive to emulate.

In her own words, “Living with faith and courage is something that life requires of each of us.  Absolutely ever give up! Never give in, no matter what!  Fight it through!  And I promise you something with all my heart – God will help you.”

With God on our side, how can any of us lose? It sounds like Kathryn was reminding us that whether we’re in the midst of the victory or the battle, “Keep standing on the Rock!”

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