Greatness Doesn’t Start Great

14 Apr

bjw_chair_wordpress2.jpgA great friend of mine made a statement to me a few years ago, that “Greatness starts somewhere but it doesn’t start great.” Great can be defined as unusual or considerable in degree, power or intensity. My thesaurus defines great as abundant, bulky, or colossal. Les Brown one of the world’s greatest speakers, inspires speakers with the admonishment, “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great!”

The starting point of any great endeavor, is getting started. I believe in the beginning point of any project or goal. The energy and passion to launch out into the unknown, distinguishes those that achieve from those that simply, wish.

Steve Harvey in his “after the show” empowerment session, roused his audience with an inspirational talk about taking the leap. You might be scared, you might be unsure, you may have even failed in the past, but you have to take the leap. The jump into the abyss of the unknown, separates the successful from the doomed to fail; the average from the above average.

That’s why you can never allow someone put a label on you, labels have limitations. You were created with greatness in the mind of your Creator. In fact, “the potency of your potential is so great, God had to give you eternal life to realize it.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, didn’t start great; the Wright Brothers didn’t start great; Lucille Ball didn’t start great; And Helen Keller didn’t start great. Greatness started somewhere, but it didn’t start great. So remember, the dream is not too big! And your not crazy for thinking like that. The promise, the potential, and the potency of your dreams will be a reality in your future.

So, live out of your imagination instead of your memory and keep standing on the Rock!!

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