Kathryn Kuhlman, “The Radio Chapel Years”

Being the historical buff that I am, I enjoy drinking from great books that have a historical, biographical, and personal- inspirational narrative.  I recently purchased and finished reading Shane Philpott’s new book entitled: “Kathryn Kuhlman, The Radio Chapel Years.”

Mr. Philpott is a provocative and intoxicating writer.  His ability to tell a story reminds me of Edgar Allen Poe, Hawthorne, or perhaps Henry David Thoreau in their prime. The pages from this new epic piece kept me coming back for more.  I must admit, I sat down as a causal reader and quickly found myself in the middle the author’s well articulated recollections and research of the “Radio Chapel Years.” I finished the book in a day.

The collaboration between Shane Philpott and Keith and Mary Williams is masterful, as together they recall some of the most spiritually powerful and moving moments of Kathryn Kulhman’s life, marriage, and ministry.  From the triumphs, to the burgeoning crowds, and the toxic poison of indifference, the mediocre could not grasp the enormity of the vision nor its immensity. These pages capture it all.

This book reminds us all of our humanity and the need to persevere in the midst of extreme jealousy, resentment, and ministerial espionage among well meaning Christian Zealots who will spend their time tearing down the best of God’s plans.

A must read for all Pastors and Christian workers, The Radio Chapel Years reminds us that even though some of God’s Generals have passed away, the message never dies, if you and I will keep those words alive.  By embracing the memory of our mentors who taught us “Your light will never burn brighter by blowing out someone else’s candle,’ we preserve the Radio Chapel Years in the here and the now.

Let me finish by saying, Ms. Kuhlman moved on to do great things in her ministry. But I don’t see The Radio Chapel experience as a hiccup or a failure.  I see it as a courageous undertaking, a divinely appointed chapter in the life of a splendid woman of God who stayed true to the call; who persevered, who triumphed; who never let distractions defeat her; And, who finished her course with joy. These are the qualities that you and I must strive to emulate.

In her own words, “Living with faith and courage is something that life requires of each of us.  Absolutely ever give up! Never give in, no matter what!  Fight it through!  And I promise you something with all my heart – God will help you.”

With God on our side, how can any of us lose? It sounds like Kathryn was reminding us that whether we’re in the midst of the victory or the battle, “Keep standing on the Rock!”

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The Black Wall Street Part 2

In American History there has always been the paradigm of cultural shifts.  In the late 1800’s, our country watched a group of Africans continue to rise from the cataclysmic sting of slavery into the main stream of financial wealth and economic freedom.

The Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma, before it was burned to the ground by an angry mob, was the source of inspiration for many blacks around the country.  A passion to spread the “American Dream” into the hearts of a group of dreamers, helped each philanthropic endeavor to spread across the city.  The modern day mantra “Spread out in your influence until everything feels your impact,” was indeed the battle cry of those seeking to break the oppression of the mental, spiritual, and economic tyranny that existed.

The self contained Black Wall Street, defined wealth as: “knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and experience, all working together to produce trans-generational economic, security, solvency, and stability.”  This attitude was the bench-mark in the opulence and comfort, found in their daily routine.

There were twenty-one churches that decorated the Tulsa sky-line during this prosperous period.  The citizens of this rich city, were richer still in personal integrity and moral consciousness.  And yet, there were men like Jeremiah G. Hamilton – the richest black man in New York- before the Civil War -who made $2 million dollars, the equivalent of $250 million dollars by today’s standards.  Ruthless and cunning, he was called “The Black Wolf” of Wall Street.  Perhaps he was forced to push the envelope in his favor, back toward the “negro” side of the economic table.  As one businessman put it, “We must have integrity in business if our contemporaries will take us seriously.  Others may lack a good conscious in business, but we will always side in with our best friend at night.”

During this tumultuous time, there were questions raised about Dick Rowland and Sarah Page, the two main characters of this mixed Shakespearean drama; Was Dick Rowland and Sarah Page in love? Maybe. Were they secretly engaged and planning a concupiscent elopement to California? Maybe. Did he in fact, step her foot in an elevator and cause the searing pain of her crumped toes, to cry out in agonizing and yet wanton desire for her lover? Maybe. Or, was the race riot the result of the disparaging gap between the Have’s and the use to “Have?” Maybe.

Richard Robert Wright, Sr., the American military officer, educator, college president, politician, civil rights advocate and banking entrepreneur, when asked by retired Union General Oliver Otis Howard, what message he should take to the North.  The young Wright reportedly told him, “Sir, tell them we are rising.”

From the 35 square blocks of the Black Wall Street devastation, WE ARE RISING!  To the White House, we are rising! From major telecommunication networks around the world, we are rising! From Fortune 500 companies, we are rising! From major positions in American culture, we are rising! From $1.5 million dollars in property damages in 1921, to $1.1 trillion dollars in buying power, the African American can still rise!

So, while your rising, remember to Keep standing on the Rock!

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The Black wall Street (Part 1)

IMG_0978In the early 1900’s there was a phenomenon happening in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the sons and daughters of former slaves were paving the way for what would become known as, The Black Wall Street. Tulsa would become the epicenter for our country’s premiere socio-economic boom in the Midwest.

With over 600 businesses owned and operated by black citizens, Tulsa, Oklahoma, would become the breeding ground for entrepreneurial excellence and accelerated extravagance, that would place the black businessman head and shoulders above his contemporaries.  The list included: 21 churches; 21 restaurants; 30 grocery stores; 2 movies theaters; 6 privately owned airplanes; boutiques; a hospital, a bank, a post office, schools, libraries, Hotels. law offices, Doctors, and even a bus system!

The fifteen million acres of land, we once owned in America, have been replaced by less than 3 million acres held by 18,000 farmers who still hold the deeds to land once promised.  The Tulsa promise land, like Boley Oklahoma, helped to house some of the world’s richest African Americans and helped to sustain the cultural trend for black wealth in America. The Greenwood District meant the black dollar would exchange hands one-thousand times before leaving the community.  In today’s financial boom, the black dollar leaves the black community in six-hours.

I am proposing instead of “Black on Black Crime,” how about, “Black on Black Entrepreneurialism.” How about holding each other responsible for building the future through shared partnerships, where a man’s word is still his bond.  Where a baby’s momma doesn’t have to come looking for the baby’s daddy because he’s there, teaching the principles of wealth building and financial literacy; while reading and writing bedtime stories that provoke his children toward educational excellence and celebration dances that cover the fifteen million acres we used to own.

If Gordon Gekko or Jacob Moore could see us now, standing in the reverberations of the 1921 fires that burned in Tulsa, that seared our thinking and melted our greatest passions and focus for generational emancipation, they too would cringe.  Our greatest opportunities are still ahead, waiting to be revealed, waiting to be discovered, waiting to be unleashed by the proclivity of our genius.

Thank God from A to Jay Z, we are thinking again and casting off the mental chains of complacency and reaching for the star that represents our true identity.  Madam C.J. Walker would stand up and shout for joy at the mention of our expose’s on Financial Empowerment, Generational wealth Building, Lunch N Learns, and Master Mind Groups.

We must always remember, what we bequeath to the future is ourselves, our best self, and the fires that once burned through the Black Wall Street must be kept burning, if we are to see the resurrection of our dreams.

Keep Standing on the Rock!


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Nelson Mandela

I appreciate the legacy of Mr. Mandela.


“A fundamental concern for others in our individual and community lives would go a long way in making the world the better place we so passionately dreamt of.”

Mr. Mandela took great strides in helping to make the world a better place. He lifted the consciousness of men, so that we could all recognize that servitude, on any level, is inhuman.

Thank you for a politically correct agenda that involved, bringing people together; empowering the multitudes for service; And, embracing a better tomorrow through peace and hope. To the many lives that have been encouraged and inspired by your personal journey to freedom, live everyday as if it counts, because it does. There are those who will be courageous in living their own dreams because you and I tried to make the world a better place.

“Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to…

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The 7 Secrets Every Leader Knows

I am working on a new book that will contain the “7 Secrets Every Leader Knows.” However, the secrets are not really secrets at all. Our creator’s plan was for you to discover and unveil his purpose for your life. You didn’t sneak into the world, you were born, and on purpose I might add. We are not trying to escape notice, you and I are endeavoring to make Him known throughtout all the earth.

Letting our light shine before men that they might see our good works and give God all the glory, is an admonishment that cannot be hid. In fact, it wasn’t meant to be hid. Nelson Mandela exclaimed, “You were born to make manifest the glory of God!” And that my friends, should be no secret.

The principles that we live by should not just help us, but they should lift men up and empower them to achieve beyond ordinary human understanding. One secret, which is not really a secret at all, is the reciprocating law of giving to others and good things will be given back to you. So, when I sow as a leader, there is an exceleration of what was intended by our creator, good measure, press down, shaken together, and running over to others! Be encouraged and keep standing on the Rock!

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Leadership Today

Leadership Today


“As leaders we must take time within our day to step into the proactive mode. Within this mode creative ideas are birthed, our tomorrows are walked through within our dreams and new possibilities are considered.”You and I have the opportunity to affect the future in such a powerful way.”

Remember this, the proof of desire is pursuit. Being proactive and engaged will help your leadership optimize the opportunities you and I have to launch people forward.

Am I building people? Or, am I building my dream and using people to do it? Great question for the leader looking to be proactive in encouraging others. Lifting people, means lifting yourself and your organization.

The Apostle Paul from church history, had the ability to influence the known world with his sense of
Dependence, connection, and passionate affiliation with the one for
Whom he was apprehended. Leadership is the ability to influence others…

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An Enemy Called Average

Author and writer, John Mason, wrote a book a number of years ago called, “An Enemy Called Average.” The proposition of the book is to encourage readers to strive to live and respond to life, above average. I was thinking about something I read in his book a few months ago. He encourages us to push through the roadblocks of fear and self-doubt and make our outer goals an inner commitment. Consider the man who said, “My overnight success was the longest night of my life.” Winners simply do what losers don’t want to do and their committed to it.

When I ran track in high school, the coach’s favorite phrase was “just one more quarter.” Hearing his favorite phrase has helped me to live above average and to win in life. There are times that I don’t feel like going the extra mile, but I can hear him saying, run another quarter. Life demands that you and I take an internal evaluation and rise up to the level of our own expectations, because only a mediocre person is at his best.

Arnold Bennett said it well: “The real tragedy is the tragedy of the man who never in his life braces himself for his one supreme effort, who never stretches to his full capacity, never stands up to His full stature. We must be aware of the gap that stands between us and our potential, and let the tension of that gap motivate us to keep striving to become better.”

I believe that in your most supreme moment, you will stand up and stand out, as you see the dreams of your heart come into reality and your critics will have to admit, you were not only capable of the task but you surpassed their self-imposed finish line.

The saddest epitaph is this: “here lies Mr. And Mrs. Average- here lies the remains of what might have been, except for their belief that they were only average.” I want to encourage you to keep living strong and what others call average, you place on the shelf called above average.

When the sun comes up in the morning, your going to have an above average day and remember this: “No problem can stand the assault of sustained prayer and right action. And, every problem has a soft spot.”

Keep standing on the Rock!

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